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About us


STBI is committed to performance excellence and continuous improvement. Our instructors are audited and evaluated for their competencies and for the efficiency of the entire learning experience. Instructors continuously improve skill sets by learning new technologies and compiling what they've learned into new course offerings with emphasis on regulatory compliance and the implementation of best practices in preparation and facilitation.

At STBI, we pride ourselves on providing, "Education That Saves Lives." When healthcare facilities, medical professionals and lay people choose STBI for their medical educational needs, they know that they will leave STBI not only feeling competent in the skills they have acquired or renewed, but also confident that they are prepared to face whatever emergent situation may arise. Our instructors bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to each course, along with proven teaching tools and a simulation lab that allows each course participant to become comfortable with protocalls, skills and drug administration. Each course is taught in a relaxing, non-intimidating environment where participants can focus on learning and not just, "passing the test."

Education That Saves Lives