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Heartsaver Blood Bourne Pathogens

St. Bonner Institute has also launched the courses that can be opt or learn even if you are not a healthcare professional. These are the general courses based on blood borne pathogens. The high level of infection can be caused to anybody if you come in contact or get exposed to blood that can be highly contagious. There are many scenarios where the blood is involved, and you can catch the infections like having a tattoo, working in a cleaning department, working in hospitals, schools, etc. The specially designed course teaches people and employees how to protect themselves from being exposed to blood or fluid containing materials like bottles and pouches. Blood borne pathogens are categorized as microorganisms live in blood and the related body fluids like plasma. These pathogens are highly contagious and can develop various illnesses in people working near fluid or blood storage. There are many diseases spread by blood infections namely Syphilis, HIV, Hepatitis B and Hepatitis. These pathogens have a habit of replicating on other body known as host when come in contact. It is important to educate the people who especially work in a hospital environment as they are not always the doctors or the nurses who deal with sampling, collection and distribution of fluid and samples. This training has been declared as a mandate by OSHA for them who may get exposed or come in contact to the blood. St. Bonner institute provides this training at a very affordable price and is a trusted name in healthcare education.

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